Go Girls! Summer 2018

We won’t let her lose her light.

In this time of #MeToo, we say NOT EVER.

Let's raise girls to be proud of who they are and where they are from.

Let's raise sons to honor and respect girls. Let's raise humans to love and accept and celebrate all genders.

It starts with us.

Your daughter is brave, confident, beautiful, vulnerable, bossy, dramatic, shy, creative, and magic. She’s growing up in a world where violence toward women is no longer tolerated. 

We all agree to speak up. To speak out. It’s gonna take all of us.

She is our world’s greatest natural resource.

Each girl shines so bright.

Together, our daughters light the way towards a safer, more equitable, and more compassionate world.

We won’t let her lose her light. 



This summer, your Go Girl! will:

  • Learn to say yes to people, ideas, and experiences that light her up
  • Learn to say no to people, ideas, and experiences that keep her from her light
  • Learn from highly qualified teaching artists and fierce girl advocates
  • Be inspired by Grammy-nominated Alphabet Rockers, best-selling author Kate Schatz, and other revolutionary artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs and changemakers
  • Make plays, music, media, art, and books that empower her to take center stage in her life
  • Build community with other girls & gender nonconforming kids across race and background to practice empathy, collaboration, and solving problems in peaceful and powerful ways


WHO: For rising 1st-6th grade girls and gender non-conforming kids 

WHAT: There are two different Go Girls! programs depending on the age of your child - 

  • Go Girls! Camp - Rising 1st-4th grade girls learn social and emotional skills through the arts. Girls practice theater, expressive arts, music and perform their very own play that promotes pro-social values.
  • Go Girls! Productions - Rising 5th & 6th grade produce, edit, direct, and star in their own short films. Girls learn to think critically about the media they consume while creating original girl-powered media.

WHEN: There are four 2-week sessions throughout the summer.  Each session is Monday - Friday, 9am-4pm with a culminating performance and film screening on the final Friday of the session.  Aftercare is available until 5:30pm.  

  • Session 1: June 18-29
  • Session 2: July 9-20
  • Session 3: July 23-August 3
  • Session 4: August 6-17

WHERE: Go Girls! happens in two Bay Area Locations - 

  • OAKLAND - North Oakland Community Charter School, 1000 42nd Street  (Sessions 1-3 ONLY)
  • BERKELEY - Shu Ren International School, 2125 Jefferson Avenue (Sessions 2-4 ONLY)



  • Go Girls! Camp is $729 with an early bird rate of $650 when you register by February 15.
  • Go Girls! Productions is $749 with an early bird rate of $670 when you register by February 15.
  • Aftercare is available for an additional $75 per week (or $40 per day for drop-ins)
  • Scholarships are available.  Please click here for details.
  • A deposit of 25% is required upon registration to hold your spot.

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Spotlight: Girls Doc

Spotlight Girls 

This is what bold and brave girls look like

Girls who have the courage to say yes to what they want and no to what they don't. Girls who have the courage to make mistakes and try again. Girls who have the courage to express all of their feelings through art, activism, and other audacious forms of expression. These are Go Girls! - and they are the leaders we have all been waiting for.This 8-minute document produced by Spotlight: Girls gives you a glimpse into the lives of a few Oakland, CA girls who have been Go Girls! for years.   Let them inspire you to take center stage!

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The Basics


Your Daughter

How do I register for camp?

Registration happens online.  Click here to register.  

The camp day runs from 9am-4pm.  Do you provide before/aftercare?

Yes.  Before and aftercare are provided at all sites.  Also, in the morning, you may drop your daughter off at 8:30am for no additional charge.  More specific drop off and pick up information will be available when you register.


Can we sign up for just 1 week of camp?

No.  Go Girls! Camp and Go Girls! Productions are both designed to be a cumulative experience for girls with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  We understand that you may have to miss days here and there.  That is fine.  But you must be able to commit to the full program when you register.



Can we switch sessions after we register?

Sure, provided there is a spot available in your desired session.  If there is not a spot available in your desired session, we can place you on the waitlist or keep you in your original session.

When and where is the final play?

This is a change from years past.   The play is at 3pm on the final Friday of camp in the performance space of the camp location your daughter is enrolled in.

What if we have to miss the last day?

Again, the camp is designed with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  Although working on the play is not the only part of what we do at Go Girls! Camp, it is a very large part of the experience.  Go Girls! are learning what it is like to create something they care about and to share the hard work of their play with a loving audience.  Having to miss the final play is a real bummer – for your daughter and for us.






Go Girls! Camp is for girls ages 6-11.  How do you serve such a wide age range?  Will it really be developmentally appropriate for my daughter?

We believe that magic happens when girls and women come together across ages.  Every Go Girls! Camp is a chance for girls to be in an all-girl community.  Older girls become big sisters to the younger ones, practicing leadership, empathy and remembering how to play.  Younger girls get to see what kind of 5th grader they might grow up and be one day.

In  Go Girls! Productions (GGP), older girls will participate in their own classes led by their own teaching artists.  However, at specific points in the day, GGP campers will be able to practice their leadership skills while building meaningful relationships across ages.  This intergenerational environment is rounded out by our  Go Girls! Leadership Team, our young Assistant Teachers, and our adult teaching staff.

It is very important for us that each girl have the opportunity to be met right where she is at. Go Girls! need times to build skills, go deep, be challenged and feel safe among their peers.  At Go Girls! Camp, we break each session into Ensemble Groups, about 10-15 girls, based on age.  These groups have their Drama and Expressive Arts classes together and they work together to build their own play that will be part of the final performance.






Who teaches Go Girls! Camps?

Go Girls! Camp grew out of the direct teaching of founders,  Lynn Johnson and  Allison Kenny.  With the growth of Go Girls! Camps, Lynn and Allison are no longer the day-to-day teaching artists at the camps.  However, they do show up regularly as guest artists.  Allison sometimes leads Kidpower training for the girls and Lynn uses her 25 years of theater experience to help the girls explore their themes even deeper.

Instead, Lynn and Allison hire and train an incredible  Go Girls! Camp staff.  Each Go Girls! Camp is led by a Play Director (who teaches drama classes and directs the final play) and features an Expressive Artist (who teaches visual arts classes, leads Community Circles, and helps the girls create the visual elements of the final play) and a Music Specialist (who, of course, brings the funk!). We only hire teaching artists who share our vision for igniting a compassion revolution through the arts and have tons of experience teaching this age group.  These leaders are supported by Assistant Teachers who are in charge during free play time and lend their incredible talents to classes and the final play.  Our staff team is rounded out by our amazing Go Girls! Leadership Team (GGLT), our innovative counselor-in-training program for middle school girls.  All of our staff also receives extensive training from Allison and Lynn before camps begin. 








What is your camper/teacher ratio?

Our main goal is that every girl to feel safe, valued, and respected. To that end, our camps are intimate – 45 girls maximum with a 6 full-time staff members. In addition to those staff members, our Go Girls! Leadership Team members are on site to play with and role model for girls; all helping to create a loving environment.









What is your cancellation policy?

When you first complete your registration, we require you pay a deposit of 25% of your tuition to hold your place. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance for all camp sessions is due on June 1. In the event of a cancellation before June 1, we refund your balance in full (less the deposit). If you cancel after June 1, we refund your balance less an extra $50 cancellation fee and your initial deposit. If you cancel within 30 days of the first day of your summer camp, we will issue you a credit in the full amount of your balance (less the deposit and cancellation fee) for you to use towards next summer's Go Girls! Camp. This credit is non-transferable and will be valid for 365 days.










Do you have financial aid?

The vision of Spotlight: Girls is to ignite a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage.  To that end, we set aside funds each year for the purpose of sharing the experience of Go Girls! with as many girls as possible.  We use part of this money towards creating programs in specific communities of need.  The rest we use to help girls in need attend our fee-based summer camps.  If you are in need of assistance to attend summer camp,  click here for more information.

What should she bring to camp each day?

Your daughter should arrive with her lunch (with a water bottle if possible) and enough food for a morning snack.  We always have water and provide an afternoon snack.  Girls should come dressed comfortably enough to move & groove, play outside, and risk a paint splatter here and there.












My daughter is coming to camp without anyone else she knows.  She is shy and afraid of meeting new people.  What will it be like for her?

The focus of Go Girls! is to teach and reinforce social/emotional skills through theater and expressive arts. Because of this, our main goal is for all kids to feel safe, heard, and respected and to teach them the skills to treat others with that same level of respect.  The first couple of days of camp are dedicated to building our community so that everyone feels included.  We begin and end each day in “Community Circle” to allow for ongoing connection opportunities.  We play theater-inspired games that help girls feel comfortable working/playing with others they don’t know.












My daughter is afraid of performing/she has never done it before.  What it will be like for her?

Many girls credit Go Girls! Camp as the first place they fell in love with performing because the environment is such a safe and nurturing space to explore.  Plus, Go Girls! Camp is not simply a drama camp. We incorporate visual arts into each day so that girls with a diversity of interests, personalities, and learning styles find their way into the creativity.  We never force anyone to perform in the final play if they don’t want to.  However, this is rarely a problem. Since the girls make up the plays themselves, they are very invested in them and are usually quite passionate (a.k.a. jumping off the walls) about sharing their final product with a loving audience.













My daughter is very outgoing and has done lots of plays before.  Will Go Girls! Camp build her skills?

Certainly.   Camp founders Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny are both professionally-trained actors with many years of experience both performing and teaching theater to people of all ages. They have designed Go Girls! Camps to teach BOTH performing skills AND collaborative skills.  Creating and rehearsing a play from scratch in 2 weeks is not an easy feat for any artist, let alone young ones.  They will feel the challenge of having to memorize lines very quickly, express emotions through the choices they make on stage, share their loud voices with audiences of 100+ people, and practices like active listening, generosity, and self-discipline it takes to strengthen their acting practice.  It is important to say however, that the experience of making a Go Girls! Play is different than rehearsing a traditional play with an existing script.  First of all, it is never longer than an hour long.  And second, in the creation of the play, we work hard to make sure all girls are included.  This means that, although older girls and/or girls with more performing experience may have a few more lines than other girls, no one girl is ever “the star of the show.”  To girls with a lot of acting experience, the plays feel a little weird at first.  But again, because all the girls are so invested in the making of the plays, they end up loving what they have created together.














My daughter has special needs.  Is Go Girls! Camp right for her?  How will you support her during camp?

We have a long history and proven track record of supporting children with special needs.  When you register for camp, please share any and all information you want us to know about your daughter.  At that time, Allison will contact you and set up a time to have a pre-camp discussion to get more details and learn more about what strategies you have that help your daughter succeed in school and other programs.  This information is then passed along to the teaching artists in charge of that session.






My daughter is coming to camp with her friend.  Can they be put in the same groups?

We can try our best.  If they are the same age, they will most likely be in the same Ensemble Group.  With Family Groups, we very intentionally work to mix it up so girls can get to know other girls at camp.  Please keep in mind that there are only about 40 girls at camp and that there is plenty of free play time, and breaks for lunch, snack, and rest.  Go Girls! always have a choice about who they spend these periods of time with.







My daughter isn’t quite 6.  Can she still come to camp?

Go Girls! Camp is specifically designed to be developmentally appropriate for girls in elementary school.   If your daughter has completed kindergarten and will be turning 6 soon, she is certainly welcome at Go Girls! Camp.















Didn’t you used to be called “Glitter & Razz?”  What happened to Glitter & Razz?

Yes, we were founded in 2006 as Glitter & Razz Productions.  For 5 years, the Glitter & Razz Dramatic Play Space was located in Rockridge neighborhood in the basement of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church.  In that space, we offered a number of camps, classes, and birthday parties for girls and boys ages 4-11 in the summer and afterschool.

In September 2012, we decided to change the focus of our work to helping girls take center stage.  We moved out of the space, we discontinued our programming for boys and younger kids.  We stopped doing birthday parties.  Glitter & Razz Productions was then focused on its main product, Go Girls! Camp.

Then, in May 2016,  we changed the name of our business to Spotlight:Girls to better reflect the vision and focus of our work.
















Are you a non-profit organization?

No. Spotlight: Girls a benefit corporation committed to using business as a tool for community-building and world-changing. We are always learning about new and innovative ways that businesses are involved in making real change happen and we partner with schools, other businesses,  and non-profits in the work of making this a happier and healthier world.  Co-founders Lynn and Allison specifically chose to become a for-profit in order to elevate the value of the work of professional teaching artists in our society.











What is your TAX ID Number?  I need it, along with a receipt for my taxes.

81-2582268. After you have registered for and made your final payment for camp, we will provide you with a receipt for your records.

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Contact Us

Contact Us!

Call us at: 510.550.5340

Send us Snail Mail:
P.O. Box 22932
Oakland, CA 94609

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Benefit Report

Spotlight: Girls

2017 Annual Benefit Report

In May 2017, we joined a global community of businesses–including Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Etsy, and Seventh Generation–as a Certified B Corporation.

B Corps are companies that have been certified to have met rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Worldwide, there are more than 2,200 Certified B Corporations across 120 industries and 50 countries working together toward one unifying goal: using business as a force for good. We have decided to become a B Corp for several reasons:

  • Being Part of a Community of Leaders with Shared Values: The strength of the B Corp community—and the sense of being part of something bigger than our individual business—that is one of the most deeply fulfilling aspects of B Corp certification.
  • Protecting Our Mission for the Long Term: Certified B Corporations, in addition to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, amend their governing documents to be more supportive of maintaining their social and environmental mission over time.
  • Identifying Areas for Improvement: B Corp certification is an independent, rigorous, third-party standard that evaluates every aspect of our business—from how we treat our workers, to our community involvement, to our overall effect on the environment. We believe this will help us continue to create social, environmental, and financial value.
  • Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Many studies have shown that the best people want to work for a company with a larger purpose. B Corp certification helps us signal to prospective and existing employees that we are committed to using business as a force for good.
  • Building Collective Voice: Many of the movements taking place around the globe—from clean tech, microfinance, and sustainable agriculture to the buy local and cooperative ownership movements—are manifestations of the same idea: how to use business for good. The B Corporation organizes and amplifies the voices of this diverse marketplace behind the power of a unifying brand.

We are proud of the work we have accomplished this year to improve our impact. Once we certify, we are also eager to learn from our peers in the B Corp community about how we can do even more. This is an essential contribution toward a vision of business that works for people, the planet, and the bottom line.

Benefit Report Narrative

We are a legally-incorporated benefit corporation in the state of California. A benefit corporation is a corporation that has voluntarily met the highest standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency.

Benefit corporations have a corporate purpose to create a material positive impact on society and the environment, have expanded the fiduciary duty of their directors to include consideration of stakeholder interests, and are required to report on their overall social and environmental performance.

B Impact Report

The B Impact Report is a quantitative and qualitative summary of our overall social and environmental performance assessed against the B Impact Assessment (BIA), a third party standard created by the nonprofit B Lab. The BIA assess our performance in the areas of environment, workers, community, and governance. Here is our latest B Impact Report for 2017:

The following sections will describe what we already do well and identify some of our long-term goals for increasing our score by the time we recertify in 2019.


Here are some things we already do well:

  • Our board of directors reviews our company’s social and environmental performance on an annual basis
  • We have a representative from the local community on our board
  • We track specific KPIs/metrics to determine if we are achieving our social and environmental objectives
  • We reimburse employees for attending external professional development trainings
  • Over 90% of employees are satisfied and engaged
  • Majority of the company is owned by women and people of color
  • Trainings on gender inclusiveness, the LGBT community, and ability / disability is provided to all employees
  • Allow employees paid time off to volunteer
  • Work with Beneficial State Bank, a Certified B Corp bank that is committed to serving the local community in Oakland


Here are some improvements we made in 2017:

  • Created a written policy giving preference to suppliers owned by women or individuals from underrepresented populations
  • Created a formal volunteering and community service policy
  • Written preference to purchase from local suppliers
  • Suppliers screened for negative or regulatory non-compliance
  • Suppliers screened for positive practices beyond what is required by regulations
  • Created a formal written ho that specifically holds the company’s suppliers accountable for social and environmental performance
  • Provide independent contractors with feedback, and vice versa.
  • Created formal policy for responsible disposal of company’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • We encourage good environmental stewardship in how employees manage their virtual offices:
    There is a written policy encouraging environmentally preferred products and practices in employee virtual offices (recycling, etc.)
  • Company shares resources with employees regarding environmental stewardship in home offices (i.e. energy efficiency, recycling, etc.)
  • Policy in place for the safe disposal of e-waste and other hazardous materials purchased for employee home offices.
  • Created a corporate travel policy to reduce our carbon footprint

Longer-Term Goals

We aim to make the following improvements by 2019:

  • Integrating social / environmental mission-related responsibilities into all job descriptions
  • Adding social / environmental goals into all employee performance evaluations
  • Creating more opportunities for engagement with local community members and with social / environmental advocacy groups
  • Share ownership with employees
  • Increase number of participants who attend our camps from low-income communities
  • Increase hours volunteered by 50%
  • Increase the amount of renewable energy we consume by 10%

Benefit Report Narrative

We selected the B Impact Assessment (BIA) as the third party performance standard to prepare this benefit report because it is the most widely-used impact measurement and management tool in the world.

The BIA is used by more than 40,00 businesses to measure, compare, and improve their overall social and environmental performance, as well as by an increasing number of investors, business associations, and government entities serious about understanding and benchmarking the impact of the companies in which they invest and with which they do business.

The BIA is governed by the nonprofit B Lab and meets the statutory requirement that a third party standard must be comprehensive, credible, transparent, and independent. More information about the BIA and B Lab is available at bimpactassessment.net.

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Spotlight: Girls Media

Check out what we are creating over at Spotlight: Girls!

Go-to Go Girl!

Hang out with Go-To Go Girl! Hannah Gavagan as she breaks down some of the tough questions that girls face in the real world. Ever been in an uncomfortable situation or had some big feelings about a problem? Hannah shares some awesome tools you can use to steer your ship when things get weird! 

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage in their own lives and in their communities.  We believe that, when this happens, we will be building a more compassionate, more connected, and more creative society.  Our Go Girls! Culture Code is how we break down this big picture mission into accessible, doable pieces that we practice as a community.

Imagine 150 parents in a room listening to their daughters rock this anthem in loud, proud voices. Dads, moms and grandparents hold their phones high, documenting the moment their daughter dares to be herself. It's not unusual to see eyes brimming with tears. Watching a group of young girls refuse to accept stereotypes of who they can be is powerful.  We encourage every girl (including gender creative little ones who don't claim the pronoun "girl") to love and accept all the parts of themselves.

Stage and Resist

If they had been old enough to vote, none of this would be happening.  Do you know a girl aged 10-18 who is ready to stage an artistic revolution?

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